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Auschwitz Concentration Camp

Auschwitz, a place of horror, death, torture, upset and control. As we were so close, we thought that we must visit Auschwitz concentration camp. Saying farewell to Karolina and Geni, we headed off towards Auschwitz, which was just a small … Continue reading


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Oktoberfest. How can anyone not like a celebration dedicated to beer and drinking? Just to give an example of the size of this festival, take the Royal Show and put it on steroids, add thousands more people, tons more rides … Continue reading

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A Cheap Way to Get from Bangkok to the Cambodian Boarder

Because we are traveling for so long, we try to keep accommodation and travel expenses to a minimum, so that we have more to spend on the fun stuff. Tim and I were due to renew our Thailand visa, so … Continue reading

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