Canal Tour Through Copenhagen

Loosing an hours sleep because of the time change when the alarm went off we were both still tired, it didn’t help that our room was pitch black due to no windows so it always feels like the middle of the night.

Getting up at 7:30am Tim and I head to Truffles restaurant for breakfast, I had poached eggs and strawberry yogurt, Tim had eggs benedict and a yogurt.

We then got ready and departed the boat just before 8:30am. It was a surreal feeling getting off the boat and being in a different country, the skies were looking grey in Copenhagen, but we were hopeful the sun would come out.


When we departed the boat we decided to walk the 20 minutes into town and enjoy the fresh air and sights of Copenhagen.

tim and mermaid

This isn’t the real ‘Little Mermaid’, I think it was built for the tourist as the guys loved getting photos with her, can’t guess why…






We didn’t organise a tour for Copenhagen so just walked around for a couple of hours. We spent about 20 minutes in the largest toy store in Scandinavia playing with all the toys on display, our favourite being the crossbow, we could have spent hours there.



The sun started to tease us so we decided to walk down to one of the many canals and check out a river cruise. The river cruise cost $8 each and laster just over an hour Our tour guide spoke excellent English and was quite entertaining.







 These sand sculptures were amazing


We both thoroughly enjoyed the boat tour, it pointed out a few things that we wanted to go see closer up like the sand sculptures and the Little Mermaid




We had to be back on the boat by 3:30pm, so after we were satisfied with what we had seen in Copenhagen we bought a couple souvenirs and headed back to the boat.

Both being tired we had a quick nap and woke up just in time for dinner.

Steak was the feed tonight, again was yummy, for dessert Tim had chocolate crepes and I had the Cruise famous chocolate melting cake. We then shared a fruit platter as we felt like we had had too much chocolate for one night.





The sunset was beautiful, Tim and I watched as the sun set and at 11pm John, our cruise director announced, that shortly we would be going under the bridge connecting Denmark to Sweden. Apparently the stack only just makes it under the bridge so we thought that would be a cool thing to see.



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